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Using Humap

Introduction to the Contribute system

The Contribute system lets you invite people to engage with your project, adding their own content to the map.

Here you can find instructions on:

  • How to make records
  • How to make collections
  • How to make team projects ( a space for you to collaborate with other Layers users. You can only add records that you or one of your collaborators has made into the project)

Prefer video tutorials? Head over to our YouTube channel.

We will be using Layers of London (LOL) as an example. Anyone can add to LOL, but you will need to make a (free!) account first.

You can also view and download the Layers of London user guide.

There are two different ways you can do this:

  1. Load the homepage for LOL (the screen before the map).
  2. In the top right corner is a person icon, with two options next to it: Log In, and Sign Up.
  3. If public signups are available, you can click “Sign Up.”
  4. All Layers needs is your name, an email, and a password. Follow the instructions on the page to create your account.
  5. Go onto the map home page and click the plus button in the top right of the information tray.
  6. This will take you to a sign in screen with the option to create an account. Follow the instructions above.

Now that you have an account, you can begin adding content to the map!

Note: the images in this document are from the older version of Contribute. While the information and process remains the same, the look has been updated. The images will be updated to reflect the new interface soon.

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