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Using Humap

Subscriptions dashboard

Welcome to your Humap Subscription Dashboard!

  • After you’ve signed up to Humap we will create your Humap Subscription admin account, which will give you access to the Dashboard.
    • You’ll receive an email asking you to create a password and be granted access to your subscription dashboard. 
  • From your dashboard you can create new map projects and edit existing ones.
  • We can create a map project for you straight away – let us know if you would like that!

To access the subscription dashboard go to . if you are not logged in it will redirect you to

You can then use your email and password to sign in from this screen:

A screenshot of the subscription platform log in screen

Your dashboard will look like this:

A screenshot of the blank subscriptions dashboard

This dashboard gives you a range of control options over the projects and users on your subscription. 

If you haven’t asked us to create a project for you, the ‘projects’ section will be empty.

Every subscription starts with one user already loaded in – the administrator for the subscription.

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