Map compelling stories about places, people, and artefacts

Digital maps for heritage, cultural and community projects – where the human story is at the heart of your content.

Humap is for projects which have community and heritage at their heart. You might have collected stories of a place, which you’d like to present digitally. Maybe you want people to record their own stories, through our easy to use online tools. Or you’ve got a more formally curated set of geographical content which you want to give to a wider audience.

What can Humap do?

We've built a digital platform which gathers personal stories, data, and interesting content from visitors. Presented alongside more formally curated content, Humap can tell a compelling story about places, people and artefacts. This is a digital map which is accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Who's involved?

Our work with partners at the Institute of Historical Research, Marshall University, the London School of Economics, and more, has shown us that there’s nowhere better than Humap to tell your story.

Features: the nuts and bolts

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