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Using Humap

Creating and managing map projects

To access the subscription dashboard go to if you are not logged in it will redirect you to

You can then use your email and password to sign in from this screen:

A screenshot of the subscription platform log in screen

Your dashboard will look like this:

A screenshot of the blank subscriptions dashboard


From the Subscription Dashboard or the Projects Dashboard, click Create New Project in the top right corner of the screen. If you haven’t created any projects (or asked us to create one for you while we prepare your dashboard), the Your Projects section will be empty.

A screenshot of the blank subscriptions dashboard

Which will take you to this screen:

A screenshot the project creation process

Type the name of your project in the box labelled Project Name.

This will auto-generate a URL in the box below and let you know if it’s available. Click inside the box and start to type if you would like to manually change the URL.

You can change the title and URL at a later date if desired. You can also procure a custom URL that does not end with for your project. 

Click Save New Project.

A screenshot of the Feature selection process

You can then scroll through the list of available features, and indicate in the tickbox which features you would like to use for that project.

If you would like to use a feature marked as Humap only please get in touch with us.

When you’ve selected the features, click Update Project in the top right hand corner. 

You can come back and change this later.

Your project is now live! 

Across the top of the page you will have several buttons:

Clicking Admin will take you to the Admin Dashboard of your project, found at This is where you’ll create and curate your content. Documentation on the admin dashboard can be found here.

Clicking Homepage will take you to the homepage for your project’s website. Please note that unless you have enabled webpages for this project, and a webpage has been created in the admin dashboard, a homepage will not be available and an error message will appear. Your default homepage will live at 

Clicking Map will take you to the map screen of your project. This page lives at 

Your project will also appear on your Subscriptions and Projects Dashboards.

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