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Case studies

Twin It: Explore Europe’s 3D heritage

Europeana’s latest exhibit lets you experience some of Europe’s most iconic cultural assets from the sofa.

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The Giggle Map: Mapping a comedy icon

The Museum of Liverpool created an entire exhibit dedicated to a legend of Liverpudlian comedy, Sir Ken Dodd. We made a map for it!

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Scarborough Atlas: Bringing Scarborough’s history to life!

A collaborative project between Coventry University and Scarborough Museums & Galleries, the Scarborough Atlas lets you explore this iconic seaside town from anywhere in the world.

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Lancaster is Facing the Past

Once the fourth-largest slaving port in the UK, Lancaster’s historical involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade is often overlooked today.

Facing the Past, a collaborative project between several different stakeholders and the wider Lancashire community, is setting the record straight on the history and legacy of slavery in the region.

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Portalis: the earliest journeys between Wales and Ireland

The Portalis team is searching for evidence of Ireland’s first settlers, the routes they took to get there, and their fate once they arrived…

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AM is creating interactive learning experiences with Humap

AM (formerly Adam Mathew Digital) is an award-winning digital publisher dedicated to reimagining primary sources for the modern age.

The maps they have created on our platform bring together historical primary sources and a modern user interface to create three unique resources for researchers.

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Image from Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent 1870-1914 © Adam Matthew Digital Limited, 2023.

EveryDoctor is using geospatial storytelling to get the word out NHS privatisation

EveryDoctor is a doctor-ran campaigning organisation fighting against the privatisation of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Their interactive map contains over 2,000 data points on NHS privatisation, demonstrating the local and national ramifications of this issue.

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The Wiener Holocaust Library’s Refugee Map is sharing their archive with the world

Britain’s largest collection of Holocaust era archival material is activating their archive with Humap.

The Refugee Map pins photos, papers, drawings, and testimonies to the map to tell the stories of the victims, survivors, and heroes of the Holocaust.

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The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is using Humap to redefine Holocaust education

The AJR is Britain’s largest dedicated funder of Holocaust-related educational programmes and projects.

They’re using Humap to supplement existing school curricula on the topic of the Holocaust, along guidelines set by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

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Layers of London: crowdsourced history

The Institute of Historical Research (University of London) is welcoming the public into the process of heritage and place-making like never before.

Explore 11,500+ crowdsourced records and several unique historical maps and overlays on this flagship Humap instance.

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Coventry Atlas is putting Coventry’s history and culture on the map

Developed as part of Coventry’s successful bid to become UK City of Culture 2021, this map is a successful collaboration between several iconic Coventry institutions.

From bomb damage maps to contemporary cultural events and celebrations, this map has it all.

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Islington’s Pride is mapping the LGBTQ+ heritage of this iconic London borough

Mapped out online and embedded into Islington through plaques and QR codes, this Humap instance is a celebration of Islington’s unique LGBTQ+ heritage and culture.

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