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Using Humap

Creating and managing timelines

Timelines are collections of records organised by date that your users can click through for a time-based experience.

Published timelines look like this:

A screenshot of a published timeline of the journey of Marco Polo

To create a timeline, log into your Humap project’s admin-only content management system (CMS) and click Timelines in the menu on the left side of the screen. This option will only be available to projects with this feature enabled).

To access the admin area, make sure you have the proper permissions and go to

If you’re not already logged in you will be redirected to and presented with this screen:

The log in screen for the Humap platform

You can then log in with your email and password.

That will take you into the admin content management system.

Clicking Timeline will take you to this screen:

Click either New Timeline in the top right of the screen or Create one in the middle of the screen.

A screenshot of the timeline creation process

Next, name your timeline in the Title field and upload a cover image by clicking Choose file and uploading an image from your computer. Optionally, you can name the image in the box below. This image will be shown at the top of timeline before you begin to click through its contents, and on the map and search screens.

The Content field is for a description of your timeline and the story it tells. The Excerpt is the short description of the content that appears either in a google search or a search on Humap if you do not give the timeline an image.

You have to create the collection first before you can change the Slug, or URL.

All content on Humap needs a location to be centred on. Click Location to get to this screen:

A screenshot of the location-selection screen

To find the location you’d like you can either type a place name in the search field in the top right of the map or type a lat/long coordinate into the lat/long fields.

Press enter or click the appropriate result on the search field for the map to refresh…

A screenshot demonstrating how to locate pins on Humap

Click the map to drop the pin. Click somewhere else to move it.

Next, let’s add some content into the timeline.

Click items in the top menu.

A screenshot demonstrating how to add content to a tmeline

Click or start typing in the box next to the type of content you would like to add the timeline. In this example we’re adding records about Marco Polo:

A screenshot demonstrating how to add content to a tmeline

Click the item you would like to add to the timeline. It doesn’t matter what order you click in, we’ll order them on the next page.

A screenshot demonstrating how to add content to a timeline

When you’ve finished adding content click Create collection. The timeline won’t be public until you click Publish, but to edit the URL, create a QR code or permalink, or order the content in your timeline you need to create the collection first.

Click item order to get to this screen:

A screenshot demonstrating how to order content in a timeline

The items you selected will be listed below several options for ordering content.

If you select date_from, date_to, name, latest, or collections first Humap will automatically order your content along those lines.

If you click custom you can click, drag, and drop the items into the correct order.

You can add a Call To Action button in the CTA Block tab, accessible via the menu at the top of the screen.

A screenshot dedicating how to Add a call to action

Calls to action live at the bottom of a piece of content on Humap and look like this:

A screenshot of a call to action


When you’re happy with your timeline click create collection.

To change the URL, go back to the details tab and click edit slug. You can then type in the text box to change the URL of your timeline.

When you’re happy with your timeline remember to click Publish, or your timeline won’t show up on the map.

Once published you can come back and edit the timeline, as well as unpublish and delete it.

You can also create a permalink and a QR code by heading to the Sharing tab and clicking Create Permalink.

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