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Ethical platforming

At Humap, we take ethical platforming seriously. While our clients are primarily responsible for the content they upload, we do not allow any type of hate speech or discrimination on our platform.

Humap reserves the right to remove misinformation on climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as derogatory/hate speech.

Humap is all about education, and we welcome content that has an educational element to it or increases the sum of human knowledge. However, we do not allow gratuitous explicit or adult content for its own sake and reserve the right to remove adult content that does not have an educational or research-related purpose. 

We conduct our business in full compliance with UK law and strive to act ethically in all interactions and communications. Our staff are contractually obligated to act with the utmost integrity and respect for our clients and users.

We also do not take ownership of content uploaded to our platform. If you are using Humap to share third-party content, there are ways to give credit and attribute content correctly baked into the platform.

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