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Using Humap

Map themes

To customise your Humap project, log into the content management system and go to Map Theme in the menu on the left. That will take you to this screen:

A screenshot of the basic theme customising options

From here you can click the colour blocks next to Highlight colour and Placemaker highlight colour (if you have Placemaker enabled – ignore if not) to generate a colour picking box:

A screenshot demonstrating how to pick colours

For more options, click the yes radial button next to the use advanced theme options subheading. The screen will look like this:

A screenshot showing the advanced map theme options

To pick a headline font and copy font click the dropdown menu and then select a font from the list. If you would like to use a different font contact us at [email protected].

To select colours click the colour block next to the section you’d like to change. That will open a colour picker with the option to add in a number code.

You can then manually select or type in which colours you would like to use.

A screenshot showing more customisation options

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