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Using Humap

Taxonomies and taxonomy terms

This tutorial is available in both video and text/image format.

Taxonomies and taxonomy terms are how content on Humap is organised.

The taxonomy is the overarching similarity and the taxonomy terms are the smaller subcategories. In this example, the Taxonomy is content type and the Taxonomy Terms are video/image/text.

These are displayed on the search page like this:

Terms are also shown at the bottom of a piece of content they have been tagged with, for example:

A screenshot showing the terms a record has been tagged with on the Refugee Map

These examples are from the Refugee Map.

Different projects have different amounts of taxonomies and terms. Take a look at these search pages for inspiration:

To access the admin area, make sure you have the proper permissions and go to

If you’re not already logged in you will be redirected to and presented with a log in screen.

You can also go to the homepage of your Humap and click Humap Admin, in the top-right of the screen by Explore the Map button.

The log in screen for the Humap platform

You can then log in with your email and password.

This takes you to the home screen of Humap’s content management system:

A screenshot of the content analytics page in the Humap admin area

Click Taxonomies in the menu on the left to get to the Taxonomies dashboard. Here you can edit and delete existing taxonomies and create new ones.

A screenshot of the taxonomy dashboard

  • Click New Taxonomy to create a new one.

A screenshot of the new taxonomy / details screen in the admin dashboard.

  • Name your taxonomy and give it a short description in the box below.
  • If you would like it to appear on the search bar, click the selection box.
  • If it is a legacy taxonomy and you don’t want it to be edited or filtered, click the selection box.
  • Click Create Taxonomy when you are finished.
  • Return to the Taxonomy Dashboard and click View Taxonomy Terms. 
  • The taxonomy terms dashboard looks like this:

A screenshot of the taxonomy terms dashboard

From this dashboard you can edit or delete existing taxonomy terms and create new ones.

Here’s how to create new taxonomy terms:

  • Click New Taxonomy Term. 

A screenshot of the taxonomy terms / new taxonomy screen in the admin dashboard.

  • Add a name into the Name Text Box. 
  • Use the drop down menu below to pick which taxonomy this term belongs too.
  • Click Create New Taxonomy Term. 

Done! You now have taxonomies and taxonomy terms.

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