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Placemaker: The Map-Drawing Tool

Placemaker is a no-code, no-experience-needed map drawing tool. Draw shapes and lines on a map and annotate easily with metadata fields. No complex GIS tools, just an easy and intuitive interface.

Currently being used by Digventures, the app simplifies the process of manipulating existing place data in the context of an interactive map. Point, vector, polygon data can be created or edited, as well as the associated metadata for each.

Want to see it in action? Check out our archaeology use case.

  • Flexible drawing tools

    Placemaker offers point, line, vector and polygon drawing and editing tools, including a smart trace feature for tricky landscape patterns and shapes.

  • Crowdsourcing

    Manage a few or even thousands of volunteers on a defined reference grid of ‘squares’ to add, edit, and approve areas of work in the field. Allow users to pick available grid squares to work in isolation either on their desktop machines, or on a tablet device.

  • Annotate with metadata

    Build up a thorough catalogue of associated metadata for each placemaking point, line, or polygon. Structured forms aid your users in filling out the appropriate details whilst placemaking. Fields can be made mandatory or allow for interpretation.

More features

  • Import reference layers

    Include historic maps, LiDAR, modern data, or satellite maps as easily toggled reference layers.

    You can add as many layers as required; sort them, hide individual layers, or change each layer’s transparency.

  • Web native & user friendly

    Like Humap, Placemaker has been built for the web and modern digital devices. The interface design has been crafted to exceptionally high user experience standards and does not require a specialist or lengthy training to get your staff and volunteers quickly placemaking.

  • Export data

    Export your placemaking work as standardised geodata with associated metadata for use in your own software or platform.

  • Standalone or embedded

    Placemaker can exist as a standalone online application with a custom domain name or as an embed in a wider piece of work.

  • Approval workflow

    Whether you’re engaging with the crowdsourcing feature, or sharing across a select few colleagues, Placemaker offers an approval workflow for placemaking creation and editing.

    Clear indicators of available, in progress, and ready for inspection placemaking makes it easy for your administrators to keep track of work in progress.

  • Integrated with Humap

    Placemaker is integrated with its bigger sibling, Humap.  It can be used to embellish existing projects or create data overlays for a new project.

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