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Using Humap

Creating and managing users

To access the subscription dashboard go to if you are not logged in it will redirect you to

You can then use your email and password to sign in from this screen:

A screenshot of the subscription platform log in screen

Your dashboard will look like this:

A screenshot of the blank subscriptions dashboard

  •  Click Add New User, either in your Subscription Dashboard or Users Dashboard.

A screenshot of the blank subscriptions dashboard

Type the person’s name into the name box, and their email address into the email box. 

  • Below you will see a list of available projects with levels of access indicated by tickboxes. You will need to untick the ticked Permissions box before you can tick Contributor or Administrator. 
    1. A Contributor can add content (for example, records or trails) to the map, but cannot create webpages or customise the site. Contributors have access to the Contribute system, but not the Admin Dashboard. 
    2. An Administrator has full access both to the Contribute System and the Admin Dashboard. They can create content, taxonomies, and customise the entire website.
  • When you’ve added in this person’s details and decided on their level of access, click Save User. They will then receive an email with details on how to access the project. 
  • The screen will now look like this:

You can edit their permissions this user has from this screen. 

When you return to the User Dashboard, the new user will be listed below:

A screenshot of the user dashboard

To edit a user, click their name. This will return you to the Edit User screen.

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