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Using Humap

Introduction to Pagemaker

Pagemaker is the content management system (CMS) we built for Humap. It lets you create beautiful webpages that surround your map.

To access the admin area, make sure you have the proper permissions and go to

If you’re not already logged in you will be redirected to and presented with a log in screen.

You can also go to the homepage of your Humap and click Humap Admin, in the top-right of the screen by Explore the Map button.

The log in screen for the Humap platform

You can then log in with your email and password.

This takes you to the home screen of Humap’s content management system:

A screenshot of the content analytics page in the Humap admin area

You can then click Pagemaker in the menu on the left.

That will take you to this screen:

A screenshot of the Pagemaker dashboard

Key concepts:

  • Pages: webpages that surround your map
  • Templates: there are five available templates on Pagemaker:
    • Homepage: the main homepage for your Humap 
    • Content page: additional content, such as About pages 
    • Article list page: a directory for articles on your Humap site, such as team blogs or instructions 
    • Landing page: a landing page for a specific user pathway 
    • Map content search page: a way to search for content that is on the map without clicking into the map
  • Articles: blogs and other documentation 
  • Modules: pages are made up of different modules. 
  • Hero: hero images are the big images at the top of the page
  • Parent page: a parent page has child pages nested within it – for example, if Home is your parent page, your child pages might be ‘About’ or ‘Meet the Team’

Use the menu on the left of this screen for instructions on how to create and manage pages and modules.

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