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Bring your collections & data to life with geospatial storytelling

The interactive map platform for storytellers, scientists, and everyone in between.

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Geospatial storytelling

Beyond Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geospatial storytelling turns collections and data into compelling digital resources.

Create online experiences that drive engagement and keep your users coming back for more.

Enterprise, heritage, education, campaigning, tourism – whatever your project is, there’s a map for that.

Interested in using Humap for a grant-funded project? Our Humap Bid Kit has all of the information you’ll need for a great application.

Why Humap?

  • User experience

    Our founding team specialised in UX for two decades. It shows.

  • User & community engagement

    Be the community engagement hero your organisation needs! Humap’s crowdsourcing function allows clients to gather user-generated content at scale.

  • Project legacy

    Humap keeps your project alive when the funding runs out.


  • Research innovation

    Collaborate across borders and disciplines with our versatile content management system.

  • No-code

    No coding experience? No problem! Jump right in with our no-code interface.

  • Multimedia & IIIF

    Use multimedia galleries to create beautiful online projects and enjoy our rich media & IIIF capabilities. From historical maps to vectorised boundaries, it will look good on Humap.

A modern interactive map platform for your project

No download needed. Humap lives on the web and runs on:

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