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Support Policy

Humap Limited supports subscription paying Clients only in accordance with the following Service Level Agreement. All priority support requests must be sent by email to [email protected] for High, Medium, and Low priorities. For more urgent High priority requests, customers are encouraged to message the support email and call a member of the Humap team on telephone number (UK) +442046375060 (US) +1 251-274-8007.

Service Levels

  • During the support hours of 8am to 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), the following
    priorities and response times shall be assigned to requests for support from the Client to the Consultant.
  • High Priority – 2 working hours for initial response, 4 working hours for target resolution: the entire
    site or business-critical areas of the site do not work, there are no workarounds, there is substantial
    business risk if not fixed.
  • Medium Priority – 6 working hours for initial response, 12 working hours for target resolution: the site
    is not responding as usual, some functions cannot be used but are not business critical, or there is a
    way of working around the problem.
  • Low Priority – 2 working days for initial response, target resolution to be agreed with the client based
    on the circumstance: there is a non-critical issue which may be longstanding; there is no business
    risk in not fixing expediently.

Uptime and Speed Commitment

  • The hosted Services will have a target uptime of 99.5% or greater, and any reduction in uptime will
    automatically be treated as a High Priority event as identified in 1.1 of this annex
  • The Consultant will use best professional efforts to ensure that the time-to-first-byte (that is, the
    server-side processing time which is in the control of the Consultant) for any full-page load does not
    exceed 1 second, and where a full-page load is not required, any interactivity will have positive
    feedback to the user – either a completion of the action, or a ‘waiting’ indicator – within 1 second.

Issue Reporting

  • The Consultant shall provide the Client with a web-based method of logging issues at any time.
  • Client shall send an email or telephone the Consultant in the case of a high priority issue occurring in
    business hours.
  • At any point, the Client can request a review of the Service Level Agreement, and negotiate an
    additional contract for the expansion of these services.

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