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Pictured: a photo of a museum guest exploring the Giggle Map on a kiosk

The Giggle Map: a tribute to Sir Ken Dodd

Sir Ken Dodd played hundreds of shows across his decades-long career. This new exhibition from the Museum of Liverpool explores his amazing life and legacy.

A screenshot of the Scarborough Atlas interactive map.

Scarborough Atlas: Bringing Scarborough’s history to life!

Explore Scarborough from anywhere in the world with this interactive map.

A trail on Layers of London

Platform update: user-generated walking trails

Get your users walking with this new feature.

A screenshot of the original Mapping Memory

The Project Rescuer

The project rescuer: our new pricing tier aimed at rescuing dying projects.

Fighting the good fight – with maps!

Interested in using maps to make the world a better place? Get in touch for a personalised quote.

A screenshot of the Facing the Past digital archive map

Facing the Past: Lancaster and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Once the fourth-largest slaving port in the UK, Lancaster’s historical involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade is often overlooked today.

A screenshot of a record preview on the Portalis interactive map

Portalis: Mesolithic voyages between Wales and Ireland

The Portalis project is investigating the earliest voyages between Wales and Ireland. Explore their findings on Humap!

A screenshot showing the internationalisation feature on Humap

Platform update: multi-lingual mapping

Internationalisation has come to Humap!

A screenshot showing a route on the Life At Sea map

AM: bringing primary sources to life with maps

AM are using Humap to innovate in the educational publishing sphere.

A screenshot of the API documentation for Humap

Platform update: improved API

Use our improved API to integrate Humap with other systems.

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