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Platform update: embeddable content on Humap

Your content on Humap is already sharable at a click on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook…and now it can be embedded too! Articles, blogs, other websites – it’s now extremely simple to embed pieces of Humap content into other places on the web.

Embedding is the next step up from sharing. It’s more visually interesting and gives your content more of an opportunity to shine than a traditional hyperlink.

If embeds are switched on for your instance, you’ll see this icon at the bottom of a piece of content:

Click it, and this window will open:

Select the embed format you would like, and copy the code into your clipboard. You can then paste the code into the html of the webpage you would like the content to appear on.


Embeds are a free feature. If you would like to have embeds activated for your instance, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Visuals from Layers of London & Mapping Memory

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