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SaaS marketeer (Part-time)

Humap is an interactive mapping platform used by local government, academic, and heritage organisations. Now in its second year as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, we’re looking to fill a marketing position to help widen Humap’s appeal in the world.


  • Part-time 2 days per week – open to freelance role
  • Negotiable salary
  • An initial 6 months term, leading to a permanent role thereafter

We’re looking for a part-time marketeer to help us develop a community and find opportunities to spread the word about Humap as an interactive mapping platform. Initially, we’re looking for someone who can work two days per week with the potential for this to become a bigger role.

You’ll play an important role in the strategy to increase Humap’s sales funnel. Teaming up with Humap’s Head of Partnerships you will be the masterful tactician behind our marketing, social, and SEO efforts to get new eyes on Humap! The role will also cover improvements to the ‘onboarding’ of potential and new customer. This may include materials for user guides and new features.

You’ll be our first hire in a marketing position. Whilst we’re looking for specific skills (stated below), we welcome candidates from different backgrounds, if you think they can apply your unique talents to the job in hand.

Essential skills you’ll need

  • Day-to-day of managing and execution of ads (Google, Facebook), SEO, social media channels; and analytics (i.e. Google),
  • Researching, interviewing, and (blog post) writing about how Humap can help place-based projects – general themes around, community, planning, heritage, archaeology, and historic narratives involving people, places, and things!
  • Ability to create and run campaigns and report on their progress, matching agreed KPIs
  • Ability to translate and evidence marketing effort into sales opportunities
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to test new ideas

Nice to haves

  • Domain knowledge concerning heritage and/or community subjects
  • Some understanding of graphics packages

About the company

  • Humap is a remote working company. We have been working remotely for many years and have a good working process among our team of six. We use Slack on a daily basis to communicate together, and will use MS Teams or Zoom with customers; as well as a whole host of other remote-based platforms for day-to-day ops.
  • Humap is a four-day-week company. We value our personal and family’s wellbeing and have spent time refining the boundaries between work and home life.
  • We do meet from time-to-time. Most of us are located in different parts of the UK and occasionally converge in London, normally when meeting clients.
  • Most of our customers are UK-based. However, we’re keen to widen Humap’s presence globally.

How to apply

Send us a lovely email explaining why you’d like to take on the role, outline your past experience, and please include an up-to-date CV. We’re looking to have the position filled by the end of June.

Please note: strictly no recruitment agencies. You will be junked, blocked, blacklisted.


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Miriam, Humap Head of Partnerships

Speak to Miriam, Head of Partnerships about how we can work together to bring your data and content to life on Humap.