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Consulting services for interactive map projects

Interactive mapping projects for social sciences and research projects can seem daunting. Speaking to Humap early in your project process will help you scope requirements and what costs may be involved.

Your mapping and storytelling challenges

There are many ways maps can work for data, research, academic, cultural or social science projects. Knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

You may have the subject or sector knowledge but not the technological understanding around how to apply your knowledge and initial ideas to digital mapping.

Helping you through the process

We’re here to help you. Of the many digital mapping projects we’ve developed with institutions and companies over the past ten years, the most successful are the ones where all stakeholders are engaged early on in the process.

We bring those years of technical experience, audience understanding, data and content skills, as well as project management experience to help you make informed choices at the conception stage; funding stage; and, the development of the project itself.

Importantly, needing to work with people who aren’t just technical nerds is important for your understanding of what the technology will be doing in context with your audiences.

Creating a plan for funding bids

The challenge of the funding landscape can be almost as tricky as understanding the technical challenges ahead. Critical decisions concerning funding models (capital expenditure versus operational expenditure) and the intricacies of the funder’s requirements can be dealt with together – we’re here to offer our knowledge and experience and help you through your bid.

Let’s model some content together

We have a variety of tried and tested consultancy tools to help model ideas around your project’s data and content. For example, we can run our Content Modelling workshop where we can rapidly prototype out example scenarios with your data, in the context of the Humap platform.

We can also help structure your data, content and records requirements strategy. Using our user experience and information architecture skills, we can help you find the balance between domain language and user understanding.

So, whatever stage you’re at in your project thinking, contact the team on the details below and let’s talk about interactive maps, records, and collections together!…

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