The interactive map platform


For councils and their communities

There’s never been a more important time to encourage digital participation. Connect your heritage, tourism and communities teams in a common purpose.

Heritage and Planning

Humap helps you create a narrative and tell the story of locations, buildings and artefacts in a way which can communicate their importance to other professionals: planners, architects, environmental specialists and policymakers.

You can use Humap to report internally and cross-departmentally, as well as release your content to your public audience.

Tourism and Promotion

Heritage makes money. Inward investment and tourism are increased when local councils use their heritage assets well. Humap helps you to curate trails, collections and rich digital experiences to tell people about the places they are. You can build walking trails around your local area; group stories of buildings, places or artefacts into a collection; and allow visitors to make their own contribution, through Humap’s user-generated content functions.

Digital engagement and transformation

There’s never been a more important time to make digital engagement a part of your strategy, across heritage, tourism and local service delivery. Humap can be a big part in making that happen, by joining up your teams across sectors, and presenting things together on a map.

Community and special interest groups have an important role to play in the development of service provision, tertiary interpretation of heritage assets and education. Using Humap’s user-generated content tools, you can work with local organisations to collect, curate and share new information on a map. This might be something to do with the services you provide; a re-interpretation of existing content; or a digital engagement project for local residents.

A modern platform for interactive maps

People have high expectations of digital services. The benchmark for their online expectations are set by Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook, who invest millions in user research, accessibility and design. Humap follows this approach of putting the user first, which sets it apart from other mapping services found in the public sector. It’s a thoroughly modern solution to building interactive maps.


  • a user-friendly map which people will understand and use intuitively – tested extensively and backed by years of award-winning user-experience design research
  • accessible to users with assistive needs (regularly audited for accessibility compliance to WAI AA standards)
  • Embed on your existing website (or host separately), and change the look and content for different uses
  • built as a modern web-based software as a service, not a clunky 1990s desktop software trade-off
  • choose whether your content is public or internal-only
  • Discrete groups for teams and departments to work on their own content
  • Share a common platform across different departments and projects

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