Social Media Marketeer job

Humap is a platform to explore data, tell stories and find new connections about the world.

£19k per annum, remote working role, a four-day work week organisation. The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd October 2021.

We’re targeting customers in the cultural and heritage sectors – particularly those who have a story to tell – who need to use a digital map for their project.

Some recent examples of clients include a history of LGBTQ+ in Islington, the culture and heritage of Coventry, the story of WW2 refugees and their movements around the world, and a huge project recording the history of London over the last 2000 years.

We’re looking for someone to help us build the profile of Humap across the cultural and heritage sectors: using social platforms, writing articles and chatting to people online.

About the job

This job is all about engaging with people, and spreading the word about Humap across the sector.

Working with our Head of Partnerships, you’ll help create blog posts, guest articles, videos and other stuff and of course constantly be on social media platforms to make a noise about Humap in the places our target clients hang out. You’ll also be using Humap day-to-day, and have a clear handle on how it works and what it does.

The Humap team works four days a week – Tuesday to Friday. We are a remote team, so you’ll be working remotely in the UK - we have a Slack channel open all day, and a video call every workday morning.

We are open to part-time work and particularly encourage under-represented groups in tech and heritage to apply.

Salary is £19,000 per annum, with a review after six months in the role.

About you

You’ll be a massive nerd for heritage. It might be history, archaeology, old maps, culture, social issues, museums; whatever it is, we’ll know you love it, because you won’t stop telling us!

You’ll also be a super user and creator on social media. Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook - and yes, even LinkedIn - are your playgrounds of choice. You’ll be able to capture the spirit of the moment in your posts. It’s not possible to plan for virality, but if it’s likely to happen, it’ll be with content you create. You’ll be creative, funny, engaging and spontaneous.

We’re a small team of folks who like to speak our minds, and you can do the same. You won’t be afraid to tell us what you think (and when we’re wrong), and be self-propelled with your ideas. In return we’ll give you free rein to craft a profile for Humap which captures peoples’ interest.

In general, we like to hire people who:

  • care about other people and how they think
  • understand the importance of the human in the process of building and using software tools
  • love to learn new stuff
  • have an opinion, preferably supported by evidence (although gut feel is important too)
  • can articulate their thoughts clearly, to both colleagues and users
  • can adapt their skills and interests to the task at hand, thinking laterally about a problem
  • are driven to produce excellent work, but also know when to compromise

How to apply

Send us a cover email and CV to [email protected] with evidence of your social media activity and skills.