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Social Media Marketeer job

Help create blog posts, guest articles, videos and other stuff and of course constantly be on social media platforms to make a noise about Humap

Telling a story through interactive mapping

Humap isn’t just useful to existing communities – it can be a vital tool for new and emerging communities.

Islington's Pride: Mapping Islington's queer community

A new website has just been launched showcasing the history and impact of the LGBTQ+ community in that most radical of London’s boroughs, Islington

Mapping Memory: Unarchiving a digital archive

Launched in 2011, Mapping Memory was a successful 'Beyond Text' interactive map. However, the platform was mothballed in 2018. Humap brought it back to life again in 2021...

Miriam, Humap Head of Partnerships

Speak to Miriam, Head of Partnerships about how we can work together to bring your data and content to life on Humap.